A first glimpse of the 2015-2016 season

A first glimpse of the 2015-2016 season

17th July 2015
A first glimpse of the 2015-2016 season - YPIA Blog
Written by Stella Toonen | 17th July 2015

The Summer Drinks was a fantastic occasion to celebrate the end of a successful season of events with all of our members and followers, but our team of wonderful and insanely productive volunteers deserved a special thank you as well, which came in the shape of a yummy Belgian dinner. But before we feasted on beer, mussels and pommes frites, we met and had a brief evaluation of the season, and a quick recap of what we'll be working on during 2015-2016.

We can't say much yet, and the speaker names are still to be announced, but we can promise you that the line-up looks just as stellar (if not more so!) as last year's. We're currently in touch with some high profile artists, directors and arts managers from a wide variety of fields, all with impressive CVs and portfolios. What's even more exciting is that we've been talking to some inspiring companies about partnering with us on specific events, and that we'll have our first Advisory Board meeting next month. We also plan to launch a questionnaire this summer asking you about your YPIA experience(s), and for suggestions of what you'd like to see in 2015-2016 and beyond.

It won't be long now before we launch the new round of memberships, costing only £20 if you buy yours before the launch party in September. After that, it's a mere £25 pounds for the entire season. And don't forget you can get a 20% discount if you sign up as a group of at least five co-workers (think of that - you can score a membership for just £16!) So do start prodding your colleagues 'cos sales will open any moment now...

Picture above, from left to right: Alison Dancer, Stella Toonen, Alice Beckwith, Chris Powell, Amy Sugarman, Adam Werlinger, Jamil Jivanjee, Matthew Ross, Katya Kazakevich, Imogen Morris and Olivia Howie. Missing from this picture: Cécile Beauvillard, Fanny Guesdon, Lucy Glover, Lauren Butcher, Shoshana Pavett and Liz Coomb.