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YPIA: Young People in the Arts

We run a monthly programme of talks, debates and professional development opportunities, to give you the chance to network with your peers in the arts.

All About Us

YPIA organises monthly talks, workshops and networking opportunities for young cultural professionals in and around London. It aims to provide young people working in arts with a platform for development through creating dialogue between senior industry professionals and younger members, and hopes to inspire the next generation of arts leaders.

YPIA was founded by Nicki Wenham and Andreas Flohr in 2008. Over the past ten years, we have run over 100 events, with speakers including Sir Nicholas Serota (Tate), Darren Henley (Arts Council England), and Tony Hall (BBC). Next to talks and panel discussions about current arts issues, we also run regular workshops, for instance on how to become better at presenting, and ask other young people to give our audience helpful insights, for example on how to set up one's own company. We have also held a few showcases for young artists, dance workshops, wine tastings and concerts in collaboration with other arts organisations.

Although we target ‘young’ people in the arts, our definition of young is not as much to do with age as it is to do with one's position or experience within the arts industry. YPIA is open to all, but specifically intended for those who are not at senior management level.

YPIA is entirely run by volunteers, and relies on the commitment of its committee members who administrate and run all areas of the organisation. If you are interested in helping out at events in any way, or even want to run one yourself, we would love to hear from you. Also, towards the end of each season (around April/May) we recruit new committee members for the following year, so keep an eye on our website around this time.


Our Team

YPIA Directors

Yasmin Hemmings - YPIA Team
Yasmin Hemmings Director of Planning Read Bio
Rebecca Johns - YPIA Team
Rebecca Johns Director of Communications Read Bio
Kate Jones - YPIA Team
Kate Jones Director of Finance and Partnerships Read Bio
Esther Poole - YPIA Team
Esther Poole Director of Finance and Regional Partnerships Read Bio

YPIA Committee

Grace Green - YPIA Team
Grace Green Project Manager Read Bio
Tessa Deterding - YPIA Team
Tessa Deterding Project Manager Read Bio
Tom Herring - YPIA Team
Tom Herring Project Manager Read Bio
Alice Godfrey - YPIA Team
Alice Godfrey Project Manager Read Bio
Hannah Tookey - YPIA Team
Hannah Tookey Project Manager Read Bio
Annick Sheffield  - YPIA Team
Annick Sheffield Project Manager Read Bio
Hattie Rayfield - YPIA Team
Hattie Rayfield Project Manager Read Bio
Shannon St. Luce - YPIA Team
Shannon St. Luce Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
 Elisabeth Munns - YPIA Team
Elisabeth Munns Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Alexandra Shaw - YPIA Team
Alexandra Shaw Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Alejandro Librero - YPIA Team
Alejandro Librero Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Phoebe Walsh - YPIA Team
Phoebe Walsh Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Emma Dobson - YPIA Team
Emma Dobson Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Julia DeFabo - YPIA Team
Julia DeFabo Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Rosanna Baines - YPIA Team
Rosanna Baines Assistant Project Manager Read Bio
Alex Krook - YPIA Team
Alex Krook Marketing Manager Read Bio
Nora Seelmann - YPIA Team
Nora Seelmann Marketing Manager Read Bio
Mairi Warren - YPIA Team
Mairi Warren Marketing Manager Read Bio
 Isabelle Culkin - YPIA Team
Isabelle Culkin Assistant Marketing Manager Read Bio
Tilly Shoul - YPIA Team
Tilly Shoul Assistant Marketing Manager Read Bio
Kayleigh Marsh Davis - YPIA Team
Kayleigh Marsh Davis Assistant Marketing Manager Read Bio
Kim Bourlet - YPIA Team
Kim Bourlet Administration Manager Read Bio
Caitlin Serey  - YPIA Team
Caitlin Serey Regional Ambassador (Edinburgh) Read Bio
Angharad Muir-Davies - YPIA Team
Angharad Muir-Davies Regional Ambassador (Cardiff) Read Bio
Eleanor Warr - YPIA Team
Eleanor Warr Regional Ambassador (Oxford) Read Bio
Rosa Cato - YPIA Team
Rosa Cato Regional Ambassador (Glasgow) Read Bio
Lauren Morton - YPIA Team
Lauren Morton Regional Ambassador (Birmingham) Read Bio

YPIA Advisory Board

Stella Toonen - YPIA Team
Stella Toonen Previous YPIA Director Read Bio
Katya Kazakevich - YPIA Team
Katya Kazakevich Previous YPIA Director Read Bio
Imogen Morris - YPIA Team
Imogen Morris Previous YPIA Director Read Bio
Nicky Chambers - YPIA Team
Nicky Chambers Co-Founder at The Dye House and Director of Pexmas Read Bio
Nicki Wenham - YPIA Team
Nicki Wenham Artist Manager & YPIA Founder Read Bio
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