Interview With Isabel Sachs - Founder of I LIKE NETWORKING

Interview With Isabel Sachs - Founder of I LIKE NETWORKING

10th February 2021
Interview With Isabel Sachs - Founder of I LIKE NETWORKING - YPIA Blog
Written by Nora Seelmann | 10th February 2021

Ahead of our free Online Networking 101 workshop (22 Feb, 6pm-7pm) with Isabel Sachs we've asked the founder of I LIKE NETWORKING how she started in the Arts, what to expect of online networking events and how she started a new network amid a pandemic. 

What was your first job in the creative industry?
My first unpaid job was serving coffee and carrying stuff in a film set!
My first paid job was as a gallery assistant in Sao Paulo, Brazil

What are your career highlights from over the years?
Setting up my agency in Brazil and right off the bat winning the award for best play for young audiences and a tour contract for a play which is now a book and a film, and producing the first live DVD and record of a band. Organizing a Brazilian film festival in Poland comes close to it all!

What does your typical day look like now?
- A few hours a day creating content, collating information on the creative industries
- Replying to e-mail
- Lots of meetings with collaborator
- Usually delivering a few talks a week

In a nutshell, what is I LIKE NETWORKING?
It's an initiative to support the creative industries by sharing resources, expertise and providing mentoring & networking opportunities.

How did you decide to start I LIKE NETWORKING?
I lost a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As someone in the creative industry, I understood how hard it was to find employment in the normal world, let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

So my response was to start a small networking group, in June 2020, where industry leaders would open their black book of contacts and give some of their time to support those who had difficulty getting started (or getting ahead) in the industry, with the aim of tackling the lack of support & diversity in the sector.

Without any funding, I LIKE NETWORKING evolved into a full- blown career platform for women and non-binary people in the creative industries, with an events series to up-skill as many people as possible, newsletters, job boards and a podcast, with a range of guests from all over the world, featured on The New York Times, Stylist and beyond.

We are delighted to be partnering with you for the upcoming Networking 101 event. What can we expect from the event?
A relaxed space, practical tips and takeaways and a moment to connect with peers!

Any tips for people who might feel apprehensive about attending a Zoom networking event?
It's very low risk; if you're unsure you can always turn off the computer!
But come ready to engage, it will be a very informal environment!

Don't forget to sign up to the free event Online Networking 101, 22nd Feb. if you want to find out more about I LIKE NETWORKING and put your questions to an expert networker.