How to get into...Audience Development

How to get into...Audience Development

25th August 2023
How to get into...Audience Development - YPIA Blog
Written by Holly Jevons | 25th August 2023


Holly Jevons

Job title/Industry

Membership Database Officer/Museums

What's your job in a nutshell

My job is split in two halves. The first side is the administration of the membership scheme, which includes processing payments, gift aid and generating mailings for upcoming payments and renewals. The second side is being a super user for our CRM. Identifying and implementing improvements, to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of data management. As well as creating reporting dashboards to enhance understanding of key audiences.

What qualifications/experience do you need?

For this role you need a wide array of skills including problem solving, analytical skills, organisation and an understanding of how databases work. You can get this experience in a variety of different ways. I primarily did this through volunteering during university and by taking up continued professional development opportunities.

Best bits of the job

The best bit of my job is that my work helps to support the museum's mission to create advocates for the planet. I also get to do something which I love.

Downsides of the job

I mean the only downside would be that you always feel like you could be doing more.

What does a typical day look like?

I have a lot of regular tasks that I have to carry out as part of my job, to ensure we are compliant with data protection and the terms and conditions members sign up to. On a usual day I spend the first half carrying out these 'business as usual' tasks. Whether that is preparing weekly data to ensure new members recieve their cards in the post, or uploading a direct debit collection to the bank, to enable the museum to collect money from our members. I then spend the second half pulling data selections or carrying out reporting.

What was your route into your role?

Prior to joining the Natural History Museum I studied Events Management at the University of Chester. This is where I developed a passion for the arts, in particular promoting engagement, participation and outreach work. From this I joined the Audience Agency as a Research and Database Assistant and was on two Youth Panels with Kids In Museums & the Almeida Theatre.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get into a similar role?

The first bit of advice that I would give to anyone would be to do what you enjoy. But in regards to this role I would say learn as much as you can from a range of different organisations. This is how you learn what works and it allows you to develop best practice, which is very useful for this role.

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