Five tips for getting started in the media industry

Five tips for getting started in the media industry

24th March 2016
Five tips for getting started in the media industry - YPIA Blog
Written by Kirsty Milner | 24th March 2016

On 17 March Kirsty Milner ran a workshop for YPIA called 'Present Yourself'. She explained how presenters get into the entertainment industry and what skills they need to make it onto TV. The workshop included many tips on how to improve your public speaking, presenting yourself during job interviews or doing presentations at work, and the session even included a practical exercise in front of a camera. Below she's listed her five top tips for getting into the industry:

1. Know what you want to do

There are scores of different jobs in TV. It’s not just researcher, producer or presenter. Study the industry and work out what best suits you, what gets you excited - don’t just aim at what sounds cool or prestigious.

2. Create content

Don’t wait to be given a job. Have ideas and make your own stuff. Create short films, film a series of Vlogs, write a blog, do stand-up, write for a local paper, make podcasts. Doing stuff is fun and is vital proof that you’re creative, energetic, focused and ambitious.

3. Multi Media Platforms

Make use of all the free global multi-media platforms, resources like Mixcloud, Blogspot and YouTube to showcase your best work. Find your USP, compound your identity and begin building your own fan base.

4. Network, network, network

Most jobs and opportunities will come through people you know. Get online, join groups and organisations, follow brands, companies, channels, programme and content makers. Attend events and speak to people! Show your passion, and enthusiasm and most of all, remember to smile!

5. Try, try and try again

Persistence matters in TV and media. So you will have to show persistence in getting your first job as runner or researcher, assistant, presenter or whatever. Don’t give up, don’t lose heart, learn from your own experiences and get yourself out there.

Kirsty Milner is an experienced TV Agent and hosts presenter's training courses and workshops. More information can be found at Twitter: @Kirsty_Milner and @Stella_Media.