Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity

23rd December 2016
Everyday Creativity - YPIA Blog
Written by Katie Dunstan | 23rd December 2016

We are all creative and we can all be creators, we just need to believe that we can.

My brother rarely thinks of himself as 'creative'. He can't draw, as he often tells me and doesn't enjoy the escapism of fictional books. However, he has just created his own food blog on which he documents the food he creates on a daily basis - creating a dish from a selection of random, student friendly items. Everyday he creates something, and yet he doesn't think he is creative.

At 64 Million Artists we are passionate about embracing our everyday, individual creativity, actively recognising our ability to be inherently creative, even if ‘creative’ is a label we would never place on ourselves. We know that everyone is creative.

In January, we are running our annual January Challenge: 31 days of fun, free, feel-good creative tasks and challenges that will be released every day in January, designed to give you a fresh, creative approach to the new year. We are encouraging people to sign up in pairs or groups to help inspire and motivate one another to keep going throughout January. We want people to sign up and to just give it a go - to give themselves 10 or 15 minutes a day to try something new.

Giving it a go is what everyday creativity is all about. It’s not about being right, or being perfect, it’s about trying something new, trusting in yourself and seeing what happens. Creativity is not about the finished product, it's about the process. It's the journey we go on, and this January we would love for you to journey with us as we embrace our creativity, all together now.

Sign up for the 64 Million Artists January Challenge here: http://64millionartists.com/the-january-challenge-2017-all-together-now/