15th April 2020
Written by Kate Jones | 15th April 2020

We are currently recruiting for new committee members for our 2020-2021 season - apply now!

Roles available: Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers & Assistant Marketing Managers. We are also recruiting for Regional Ambassadors, to find out more click here

About Young People in the Arts
Young People in the Arts (YPIA) is a social network for arts professionals at the outset of their careers. We run a monthly programme of talks, professional development opportunities, and networking drinks where young professionals can learn about the arts sector and get a chance to connect with experienced and inspiring speakers from within and outside their field. YPIA has a diverse membership base covering all major arts disciplines, and although currently most of our activity is based in London, we are increasingly branching out into other regions in the UK.

About the positions
YPIA is run by a diverse committee of friendly volunteers who are all involved in organising events as part of the season, encompassing planning, marketing, administration and relationship building. We are currently looking to take on some new volunteers to join our committee to help us with the planning and delivery of our season of events in 2020-2021. We are recruiting for three different roles which are outlined below: Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers and Assistant Marketing Managers.

Project Manager
Reports to: Director of Planning
  • Support the planning and delivery of our season of events in 2020-2021
  • Submit event ideas to the Director of Planning in advance of committee meetings
  • Lead on the organisation of an agreed number of events as part of the 2020-2021 season (normally 2 to 3 events), managing a team of Assistant Project Managers
  • Design event plans by researching and exploring options for speakers, venues and themes
  • Liaise with venues for events, which are typically prominent cultural locations in central London
  • Lead on approaching speakers for events, ensuring a balanced and diverse panel where relevant
  • Work in close collaboration with Marketing Managers and Assistant Marketing Managers on the promotion of events
  • Assist event chairs with shaping topics and questions
  • Manage the guest list for events, including YPIA committee RSVPs
  • Lead on the delivery of events on the night, assigning roles as appropriate

Assistant Project Manager
Reports to: Director of Planning and Project Managers
  • Assist with the planning and delivery of our season of events in 2020-2021
  • Submit event ideas to the Director of Planning in advance of committee meetings
  • Support with the design of event plans by researching and exploring options for speakers, venues and themes as directed by Project Managers
  • Approach and liaise with speakers for events in collaboration with Project Managers
  • Assist with venue research and liaison
  • Prepare handouts for events
  • Research and book areas for post-event networking drinks
  • Support delivery on the night of the event, including registering guests, setting up rooms and audio, handing out programme notes, and potentially some public speaking

Assistant Marketing Manager
Reports to: Director of Communications
  • Post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • Write and collate copy for our website and newsletters
  • Commission copy for the YPIA Blog
  • Oversee effective implementation of marketing plans for each of our events
  • Explore options for new types of marketing campaigns and shape an improved social media strategy
  • Maintain our marketing contact lists

Person specification for committee positions
We are looking for enthusiastic new committee members from across the arts industries who are keen to dedicate some of their time and creative ideas to organising events for YPIA as well as growing our cultural network, while developing experience and learning new skills. We seek people who are not afraid to use their initiative, and who demonstrate enthusiasm for working in the arts. Having a good knowledge of current issues in the arts sector is desirable, and so is previous experience of organising and/or marketing events. We are also keen to hear from people with video or audio editing skills.

Practical details
The amount of time you spend on YPIA depends on how much time you’re willing to give, although we usually require you to be on the project teams of at least two events per season. Typically, this means you wouldn’t spend more than four hours per week on YPIA business, and probably much less during periods in which you don’t help to run an event. The current committee all do this alongside full-time jobs, so if you don’t mind giving up a few hours of your time, it is perfectly doable. Full committee meetings take place approximately three times a year, and are held in central London on weekdays after work, typically from 18:30-20:00.

If you require financial assistance with travel expenses to attend any meetings or events, Young People in the Arts may be able to provide assistance. Please email Esther Poole if you have any questions about this.

Benefits of joining the YPIA committee
  • Fantastic opportunity to develop new skills and experience outside of your work or area of expertise in a nurturing and friendly environment
  • Chance to work with like minded professionals and increase personal networks
  • Direct contact with prominent cultural and creative professionals across the industry
  • Opportunity to contribute to the development and curation of a season of events
  • Boost your CV in a competitive job market
  • Free access to all YPIA events

To apply
Please send us your CV and a short covering letter or video detailing which position you are applying for, what you think you would bring to the team and what you hope to learn from volunteering with us.
The application deadline is 12 midday on Monday 11 May, and interviews are planned remotely via Zoom after working hours on 13, 14, 15 and 18 May. Please submit your application to Kate Jones at