Black Lives Matter: Statement and Learning Resources

Black Lives Matter: Statement and Learning Resources

17th June 2020
Black Lives Matter: Statement and Learning Resources - YPIA Blog
Written by Young People in the Arts | 17th June 2020

The YPIA committee have been closely following the Black Lives Matter movement, and have been deeply affected by the events leading to protests across the US and UK. Over the past few weeks we have been listening, learning and reflecting as a committee on what we can do at YPIA to effect positive change and to advocate for equality across our industry.

As an organisation our purpose is to create a space for people to network with one another, to share knowledge, and to inspire the next generation of arts professionals and change makers. It is therefore vitally important that we work to keep the issue of diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our programme to help you, our members and subscribers, take meaningful steps towards making a difference - both personally and more widely within your organisations.

We have created a blog with a list of resources so we can continue to educate ourselves on racism and the ways our sector can improve. Our intention is to update this blog regularly so do check back for new resources. If you have any suggestions for resources that we should be including, just email

As part of our 20/21 season we are planning on programming a series of seminars focusing on multicultural histories in the arts, whether that’s classical music, museums, theatre or other art forms. We are also looking at how we can facilitate a space for discussion on racism in the arts and what we can be doing to make changes.

We welcome any feedback and ideas, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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