Creative Problem Solving through Design Thinking

Creative Problem Solving through Design Thinking

Creative Problem Solving through Design Thinking - YPIA Event

Creative Problem Solving through Design Thinking | 9th March 2022 | 6:30pm


Join us for this interactive workshop which aims to unlock your creativity and problem-solving skills. Guided by leading design industry professionals, you’ll learn all about Design Thinking and have the opportunity to explore new ways to 'fall in love with the problem' and create positive change in your organisation.

What is Design Thinking? It's a mindset and a method which uses a human-centred approach to innovation, emphasising exploration and collaboration to reach creative solutions for well-defined problems. Often used by organisations outside of the arts, Design Thinking can be learned and applied by you too!

Not only will this workshop get you thinking outside the box, it'll enable you to discover creative ways to tackle internal challenges in your organisation and develop more impactful solutions.

*PLEASE NOTE* - This workshop consists of two parts and will take place online, across two separate dates: 02/03/22 & 09/03/22. Each session will last approx. 2hrs.

  • Session 1: Understand what Design Thinking is and why it's valuable. Get hands on to explore some of today's problems and how Design Thinking is applicable to arts organisations like yours. [Recorded for those unable to attend]
  • Session 2: Put it into action. Learn how to get from insights to ideas, and top tips for implementing them with a range of stakeholders. Plus, how to measure for success. [Recorded for those unable to attend]

Meet the workshop leaders:
Jez is a multi-disciplinary Service and Experience Designer. He has led and supported design teams across organisations of all shapes and sizes, and has experience in building successful teams, training and mentoring other designers, and publishing thought leadership on various design topics. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring food markets, pondering philosophy and walking his dog.

Rubia is an integrated creative who started her career at a start up, worked in industry and then moved to digital agencies creating future experiences with clients. She leads a team of multidisciplinary designers and has a clear perspective across the design lifecycle, enjoying creating concepts, storytelling, brand and purpose. She discovered drumming over lockdown and is always up for a chat about surfing, skateboarding and film.

The Zoom link will be sent out on the day of the event. If you have any queries or would like to discuss access requirements for this virtual event, please write to

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